Leavers' Destinations

Some of the best senior schools in the country, in both the independent and maintained sector, lie within comfortable travelling distance of St. Helen’s College. Leaving children therefore attend a wide range of excellent schools and the distribution changes from year to year. The destinations of the 2018 leavers, with numbers of pupils attending each school shown in brackets, is given below.

Independent Schools

Aldenham School (1)
John Lyon School (3)
Latymer Upper School (1)
London Arts Educational (1)
Merchant Taylor's School (1)
Royal Masonic School (3)
St. Helen's School (1)
St. Mary's School (3)
St. Teresa's Effingham (1)
Thorpe House School (2)

Grammar Schools

Beaconsfield High School for Girls (1)
Dr. Challoner's Boys' School (6)
Dr. Challoner's High School for Girls (1)
Henrietta Barnett School (1)
Herschel Grammar School (1)
Langley Grammar School (2)
Royal Grammar School Wycombe (1)
Sutton Grammar School (1)

Comprehensive/High Schools

Bishopshalt School (1)
Chalfont Community College (2)
Oakwood School (1)
St. Michael's Catholic School (1)
Vyners School (2)