Co-curricular Opportunities

Co-curricular activities allow children to explore their interests and develop their talents. The St. Helen’s College philosophy is that, at their young age, our pupils should have the opportunity to try as many different activities as possible, to give them the widest possible chance of discovering a lifelong passion or talent.

Our co-curricular programme is therefore unique and very diverse. All pupils are encouraged to take a full part in the programme, and participation levels are high. A wide variety of traditional and non-traditional creative, academic, dramatic, musical and sporting clubs are offered throughout the year to all year groups from Nursery to Year 6. 

Each term’s programme is published to parents, who make bookings for clubs through their SchoolsBuddy account.

Most clubs are available to all children in the relevant year group(s); some clubs are ‘by invitation’ to selected children only following auditions, team trials etc.

Clubs currently available are:

Art Club (Year 1)
Art Club (Year 2/3)
Art Club (Year 4)
Art Club (Year 5/6)
Art Scholarship Club (Year 5/6)
Badminton Club (Year 5/6)
Basketball Club (Year 5/6)
Ceramics Club (Year 2/3)
Ceramics Club (Year 4/5/6)
Chamber Choir
Chess Club (Year 1)
Chess Club (Year 2/3)
Chess Club (Year 4/5/6)
Chess Team (Year 4/5/6)
Choir (Reception/Year 1)
Choir (Year 2/3)
Choir (Year 4/5/6)
Coding Club (Year 5/6)
Cookery Club (Year 4/5)
Cricket Club (Year 4/5/6)
Cutlery Club (Year 2/3)
Drama Club (Year 2/3)
Drama Club (Year 4)
English Club (Year 6)
Football Academy (Year 3/4)
Football Club (Year 5/6)
Football Team (Year 5/6)
General Knowledge Quiz Club (Year 3/4/5/6)
Guitar Club (Year 5/6)
Hockey Club (Year 2/3)
Hockey Club (Year 4/5/6)
Jewellery Club (Year 5/6)
Library Club (Year 4/5/6)
Maths Club (Year 6)
Mindful Moments Club (Year 5/6)​
Minecraft Club (Year 4/5)
Mini Tennis Club (Year 2)
Mini Tennis Club (Year 3)
Netball Team (Year 5/6)
Orchestra (Year 4/5/6)
Pastel Drawing Club (Year 5/6)
Recorder Club (Year 5/6)
Spanish Club (Reception)
Spanish Club (Year 1)
Spanish Club (Year 2/3)
String Club (Year 4/5/6)​
Taekwondo Club (Year 2/3)​
Taekwondo Club (Year 4/5/6)
Tennis Club (Year 4/5/6)
Wake Up, Shake Up (Nursery, Reception and Year 1)
Woodwind Club (Year 4/5/6)
Yoga Club (Year 2/3)
Yoga Club (Year 4/5/6)


There are so many activities. There really is something for everyone.A parent