Aims, Ethos and Values

School Aims

Love of Learning

We aim to inspire a lifelong thirst for creative, stimulating and rewarding learning, leading to the full development of every child’s academic potential.

Personal Growth

We aim to instil core moral values, inspiring virtue, responsibility, resilience, independence, mindful self-awareness and a desire for continuing self-development.

Involvement and Challenge

We aim to inspire an ongoing desire to develop talents, nurture the widest possible range of interests, and contribute to society as confident, compassionate and responsible citizens and leaders of the future.

School Ethos

St. Helen’s College inspires academic excellence, mindful self-awareness and creative self-development in pupils and staff alike. It is an inclusive, happy, vibrant community of pupils, staff and families, where love, respect, teamwork and teaching by example prevail. At its heart are our core values: love, harmony, spirituality and growth.  


We believe that children learn best when they feel safe, secure and loved. Our staff are a second family to our pupils, treating them with love and respect. Pupils’ wellbeing is of paramount importance to us all.


The very strong sense of harmony at St. Helen’s College embraces children, staff and parents. Our strong family ethos is nurtured by a culture in which staff and pupils enjoy relaxed and friendly but respectful relationships. Our low staff turnover means that teachers and children get to know each other well during their years together. 

Lasting friendships are formed here and generations of ex-pupils and their families continue to keep in touch with each other and with the school. Standards of courtesy and behaviour are very high and are maintained by modelling and praising rather than by admonishing. Children learn best by example!


At St. Helen’s College, children are encouraged to look beyond themselves, to see and appreciate others and the world around them, to reflect on their experiences and to develop gratitude and a sense of wonder about themselves and the world.

Our children are thoughtful and generous and many charitable activities are arranged each year – some by the teachers, many by the pupils themselves – through which the children can demonstrate their strong sense of service and awareness of the needs of others.

St. Helen’s College has a Christian background, but we embrace all faiths and beliefs and welcome children from all traditions. Although assemblies are Christian based, we also celebrate events from other faiths so that children gain an understanding and appreciation of different religions. Assemblies often include moments of stillness when children and teachers are able to become quiet and reflective. This can be a very unifying experience.


Our innovative Personal Development programme, including Mindfulness, Philosophy for Children and Positive Psychology, nurtures self-awareness and teaches children to watch and understand their thoughts. Through feedback and in class, we teach meta-cognition, so that children grow to understand how they learn best.

St. Helen’s College children think for themselves, understand their place in the world around them, anticipate others’ needs and show confidence, determination, resilience, courage, love, empathy and gratitude.


Without exception, every child has huge potential and at St. Helen’s College we help our children to fulfil their potential through guidance, encouragement and challenge.

As children become aware of their growing aptitudes and talents they develop the self-motivation and strength of character which is needed for success. It isn’t always easy and every child is different, so we take the greatest care to guide and support children as individuals, so that all can experience the confidence and fulfilment of success. 

We are very proud of our pupils - watching them grow and learn, seeing their talents develop and celebrating their many achievements is hugely rewarding.

School Motto

Formal:            Excellentiam e concordia    

Our Latin motto means excellence through working together in harmony/unity of purpose.

Informal:         Strive for excellence      Help others achieve      Care for each other

Our informal motto was written by our pupils and shows what they believe to be most important.