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The ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection carried out in June 2017 can be viewed below. In our most recent inspection judging educational quality, St. Helen's College achieved 'Outstanding' in all 12 categories of its 2011 Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) inspection, which can be viewed below.


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Posted on: 14/02/2020

Weekly News - Friday 14th February 2020

Well-Being Week Our focus on well-being this week was kick-started on Monday with wonderful performances in assemblies from children who wished to share their talents with their peers.  We enjoyed singing, dancing, poetry recitals, trumpet playing and ballet to name but a few talents.  It was such a joyful start to the week! Well-Being Day Yesterday was a wonderful day throughout the school as the children from Ducklings to Year 6 participated in a wide array of well-being activities from making gratitude jars and well-being snow globes to listening ear crowns, yoga, mindful nature walking, a tree of life activity, reflective diary writing.... the list goes on! Do speak with your children and discuss what they did on the day. I am sure that many of the activities they did they would love to do again with their families. For those of you who were unable to attend last night's parent presentation and workshop evening, please see our booklet for information, some activities to do with your child and top tips to support your child's well-being.  Some children had the opportunity to take part in a session with 'Youth Fit' whilst others took part in other physical activity sessions during the day yesterday. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. If you would like to sign your child up for Youth Fit sessions outside of school, you can find out more information here.  Owls Assembly Happiness exuded from the Lower School Hall yesterday as the Owls class launched the Lower School well-being day by sharing their smiles and happiness with us all in songs and poems. Mr. Happy even managed to put a smile on Little Miss Miserable's face!!  They were all little rays of sunshine! Well done Owls.        5A Assembly 5A shared the love of Valentine's Day with everyone today, re-enacting the story of St. Valentine and reminding us that it is not all just about roses, chocolates and cards but in the ways that we can demonstrate our love towards each other, towards ourselves and to our community. Well done, 5A!         Soula and her team delighted everyone at lunchtime, continuing the Valentine's theme, with love-heart shaped strawberry cheesecakes. LOVEly! Asthma and Allergy Training All of our pupils from Year 4 to Year 6 participated in a superb training session this week from Rebecca, the asthma and allergy nurse from Hillingdon. The children now have a much better understanding of what asthma is, how it can affect people and how important it is that children and adults who are diagnosed with asthma follow the medical advice they are given and use their inhalers as appropriate. Rebecca also spoke to the children about the types of allergies people can have and the treatment that is given if someone has a reaction.  Our pupils at St. Helen's College really are equipped with amazing life skills.   Football News We travelled to John Locke on Wednesday afternoon after our win last week, when we beat St. Andrew's 6-0. Looking at the very uneven pitch, we thought we were in for a tricky game at John Locke and this proved to be the case. We managed a 1-0 win thanks to Adam K and the team showed great determination and desire to come out on top. This puts us in a very strong position in the league with two games to play against Heathrow and St. Matthew's. Winning both should see us crowned as champions! We entertain Oak Farm the week after half term in the Borough Cup, with kick off at 3.45 p.m. on Wednesday 26th February in Court Park. All support welcome! North Hillingdon Methodist Church - Worship KidStyle! The North Hillingdon Methodist Church are holding new church services especially for children on the third Sunday of every month, with the first one taking place this Sunday, 16th February. Why not take your child along to join in. You can see their Kidstyle poster here. Coronavirus and Half Term Travel  Many families might be travelling abroad over the half term break, so we would like to remind you that, as a school, we are following the advice issued by the government concerning the Coronavirus. This advice is being updated online daily at 2 p.m. and can be accessed at this link:   All parents should check this advice and, if you are travelling abroad, please continue to check the latest government advice before, during and after travelling. During and after travel, please be vigilant for signs of illness in children or other family members, and comply with the latest advice issued if you have any concerns. 
Posted on: 14/02/2020

Celebrating Learning

Over the past couple of weeks around the school there has been a constant celebration of pupils' learning. Traditionally this may have taken the form of high marks in exams, full marks in tests, pressure and public accountability for achieving highly but at St. Helen’s College the teachers and pupils have taken a more creative slant to celebrating success! As you are aware, we like to challenge our children in all that they do - we all need to feel the heat in our learning journey - feel the challenge, experience what it feels to be out of our comfort zone. Our pupils thrive on this and astonish us with their creativity in being able to demonstrate their tenacity and their ability to demonstrate what they have learnt in their own unique way.  In Science lessons I have witnessed pupils writing poetry, performing raps, composing and singing songs and creating the most incredible models. In all these forms of learning outcomes the pupils have taken risks in their learning. They have been individual; they have not followed the crowd; they have used their knowledge of subject matter to challenge themselves to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of concepts taught to them.   It is such a joy to engage with the children as they describe to me what they have been learning about. Taha (Year 6) was particularly animated last week as he exclaimed, ‘It was disgusting Mrs. Drummond - my hands were covered in blood but it was amazing...I could see the inside of the heart and lungs, all the tubes and other parts - it was great!”    I must add that it is a credit to all the pupils, the parents (for giving their permission) and to Ms Gilham (and her butcher) that we are able to extend the children's learning at such a young age to give them first hand experience of being able to dissect a sheep's heart and lungs to see for themselves the circulatory system which they have been studying. A recent article in the NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) journal cited an article written by York St John titled ‘Perfectionism in more able learners; what do we know and what next?” I quote an extract below. “Recent research suggests that perfectionism has become a hidden epidemic among students over the last 30 years, with students now more perfectionistic than ever before. In addition, this complex characteristic has been found to explain a wide range of outcomes among students. On one hand, some aspects of being perfectionistic are related to better academic performance. But, on the other hand, other aspects of perfectionism have been found to be significant sources of psychological distress for students, including burnout and depression.” I am writing this blog on the eve of our Wellbeing focus day and it is with a sense of pride that I feel confident that our pupils at St. Helen’s College are given the correct classroom climate where there is healthy challenge and opportunity to revel in their success without the damage which can often be done where a culture of ‘perfectionism’ can exists.  Words that spring to mind every day when I listen and breathe in the culture of St Helen’s College are:  collaboration  mindset   creativity  excellence challenge  resilience  wellbeing  We have children of all abilities at St. Helens’ College and pride ourselves that we endorse a ‘Challenge for all' attitude to learning - all children are encouraged to do their best by parents and staff but it is by ensuring that our expectations and classroom culture are appropriate, that we do not allow the children to fixate on mistakes and errors. FAIL - that 'first attempt in learning' is so important. We celebrate success and effort by all.   I am sure your children will come home on Friday evening for the half term break revelling in the events of our Wellbeing focus day - but that I will keep for a future blog! Have a super half term break and look after your wellbeing! I leave you with one example of learning from Catherine in Year 6! Healthy Bodies Poem Ms Gilham, a science teacher, and amazing too, Taught us about living healthily to help beat the blues She’s told us about striving to eat a varied diet, To give us minerals and energy, you cannot deny it! But this is because it’s important to eat, Our 7 food groups: fibre, protein, vitamins,  fats, water and carbohydrates (including wheat!) We’ve learnt about Dr Livingstone who Found out about scurvy to help beat the flu, The sailors, who were suffering from scurvy onboard, Were found to lack vitamins but were soon restored, By eating 2 oranges and a lemon a day, They just needed some Vitamin C, hip, hip, hooray! But we know about alcohol, smoking, medicine and drugs We know they can cause harm, even a stomach bug, Though not all are damaging, there are one’s that help you, Like penicillin, Nurofen and many more too! Cocaine and nicotine are highly addictive, They can give you heart problems, that’s why they’re constrictive. Alcohol is permitted in small doses But drinking too much is bad as it poses Threats to your physical and mental state, That can sometimes, if you’re not careful, lead to your fate! Remember, please, to try not to smoke, It causes so many problems and can lead to a stroke, Turns your lungs a sooty black hue, And because I breathe the toxic air, it harms me and you! Taking blood from to the heart to the cells and back, Dealing with all things vascular and cardiac. Next up, we’ll talk about the arteries, They take blood from the heart where its gotta be, The biggest artery, the main transporter, Right next to the heart, It’s called the aorta.  
Posted on: 7/02/2020

Weekly News - Friday 7th February 2020

1C Assembly - Brazil And The Rainforest The children of 1C took us on a journey to Brazil on Thursday and shared the delights of their culture, landmarks, traditions, football and of course the wonderful Amazon rainforest. Superb performances from all children - thank you!       5G Assembly Albert Einstein and Benjamin Bloom graced us with their presence this morning as 5G explained relativity, why the sky is blue and how to ask outstanding questions using Bloom's Taxonomy.  The children engaged their audience with their knowledge and understanding of critical thinking skills and performed the popular song from Matilda 'When I grow up'. I am sure that everyone present is confident that when our children grow up our world will be a very interesting place indeed!  Well done 5G.     Chamber Choir Tremendous congratulations to our Chamber Choir pupils who performed at the Children's Trust London Schools Concert in St. John's Smith Square on Sunday to a most appreciative audience of approximately 800 people. All the staff who attended and Mr. and Mrs. Crehan were so proud of the children.  Thank you to all the families who supported the event We wish the Chamber Choir well for this weekend, too, as they will be representing the school at a concert at St. John's Church, Royal Lane, Uxbridge on Saturday evening. The concert will begin at 6 p.m. and tickets will be available on the door at a cost of £5 each. Please do come along and support the Chamber Choir if you can! Mindful Sit Pupils from Year 2 - Year 6 and staff participated in the national Mindful Sit on Wednesday during assembly time in recognition of National Mental Health week.  Pupils were guided through a practice of noticing with their attention finally settling on their breathing. A wonderful start to the day as the children returned to their classes ready for the day ahead with a clear and calm mind. Pedestrian Skills/Road Safety Training Our annual pedestrian skills/road safety training programme has commenced for this year. Our Year 2 children received their training this week and other year groups will be taking part in training and/or workshops over the coming weeks. The children have really enjoyed wearing their new hi-vis jackets which we have been able to purchase for every child in the school, thanks to a grant from the London Borough of Hillingdon Road Safety Team. Sports News Our netball and our football teams remain at the top of their respective local leagues, having both won their matches this week. The handball tournament last Saturday was well-attended and most enjoyable. The St. Helen's College children played well in their matches and enjoyed putting the skills they have been learning at school into practice. Co-Curricular Clubs Led By Pupils It is always wonderful to observe our children using their leadership skills around the school.  Several clubs are running this term led by pupils. One such is the Coding Club, which began this week and is led by Michael K in Year 6.         World Book Day The school will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 5th March. The theme for Ducklings and Lower School is 'Enchanted' and the theme for Upper School is 'Harry Potter'. The children are asked to dress as a book character of their choice (which may of course link to the themes if you wish). It is sure to be a fun-filled day, celebrating the fantastic world of books and all the reading done throughout the year. The children are also asked to bring the book their character is from on the day so that we can share them together. World Cancer Day St. Helen's College staff have supported World Cancer Day this week by buying wristbands and donating money in return for staff room treats! Thank you to all of the staff who have contributed.  Uxbridge Library Exhibition - Hillingdon Geological Society Harrow and Hillingdon Geological Society will be holding a 'hands on' exhibition in Uxbridge Library from 12th to 28th February. Pupils might like to go along to explore the geology of our local area and discover, amongst other things, that Ruislip was once warm waters of a shallow subtropical sea! PA Forum The next PA Forum meeting will take place on Tuesday 25th February. If you have any points of school-wide relevance that you would like discussed at this meeting, please send these to your class representative as soon as possible. Class rep's should send any issues for discussion to Mrs. Smith by Friday 14th February please, just before we break up for half term. Robins Nursery class do not currently have a class representative - if you have a child in Robins and would like to volunteer, please contact Mrs. Smith as soon as possible. Mrs. Smith can be reached on or by telephoning the Upper School office. As usual, we will circulate minutes from the PA Forum meeting to all parents after the meeting has taken place. School Arrival and Collection The safety of your children whilst they are at school is crucial to us all. Please note that pupils are not permitted to enter the Upper School via the Long Lane entrance after 8.30 a.m. when the door is closed. After this time, parents must accompany pupils to the Parkway entrance and sign them in as a late arrival. Parents are also reminded that they must not hold the gates/doors open for other parents or visitors to enter the school sites at any time. Parents using the 'drop and go' system on Parkway are reminded that your child must be ready to leave the car independently (with their belongings) as you pull up alongside the kerb, and that they must exist the car on the kerb side. Please then pull away promptly to allow other cars to move up and drop children off. Children should exit the car when their car is the first in the line (just before the barriers) and not further down Parkway. Parents using 'drop and go' should not exit the car or linger at the kerb after a child has exited; it is crucial that we keep traffic flowing at this busy time of day.  Many thanks, as always, for your support.
Posted on: 31/01/2020

Weekly News - Friday 31st January 2020

1HC Assembly 1HC took us on a Roald Dahl journey during their assembly on Wednesday, reminiscing about their recent visit to the Roald Dahl Children's Gallery in Aylesbury. They reminded us all of the impact his books have on children and adults alike and the special message that kindness overrides everything. There was wonderful singing and presentation skills. Well done to the children and staff involved.       Year 1 Poetry Pupils in Year 1 were eager to share their acrostic poems on rainforest animals when Mrs. Drummond visited them in class this week. They delighted Mrs. Drummond by reciting their poems about a sloth and a howler monkey.             Year 4 Trip to Amersham Field Centre On Wednesday Year 4 had a fantastic experience at Amersham Field Centre. The day was designed to extend their knowledge about Electricity and Energy which they have been studying in science lessons. The children had the opportunity to conduct experiments using solar panels, a propeller and models of a wind turbine. They also had a tour of the substation as well as meeting Michael Faraday! The afternoon was spent outside building nests and hunting for chickpeas in the woods.   Staff News I am delighted to share the wonderful news with you that Mrs. Rance is expecting her second child in August. I am sure the children will all be very excited with the news of another forthcoming staff baby. Mrs. Rance should be with us until the end of this academic year when she will start her maternity leave.   Chamber Choir We wish our Chamber Choir well for this weekend as they will be representing the school at the London Schools Children's Trust Charity Concert.  Tickets are still available here. Parents' Forum The next PA Forum meeting will take place on Tuesday 25th February. If you have any points of school-wide relevance that you would like discussed at this meeting, please send these to your class representative as soon as possible. Class rep's should send any issues for discussion to Mrs. Smith by Friday 14th February please, just before we break up for half term. Robins Nursery class do not currently have a class representative - if you have a child in Robins and would like to volunteer, please contact Mrs. Smith as soon as possible. Mrs. Smith can be reached on or by telephoning the Upper School office. As usual, we will circulate minutes from the PA Forum meeting to all parents after the meeting has taken place. Pupil Welfare Following the email sent to parents today, please note that if you or a family member is concerned about illness/exposure to the Coronavirus, the recommended action is to stay at home and call 111. Travellers or possible cases should not attend the GP or A & E clinic without speaking to 111 first.   Pupil Safety - Upper School Pupils must not be left unattended at the Windsor entrance in the morning prior to Mrs. Couto going on duty at 8 a.m.  An adult must remain with the children until the door is opened at the Windsor entrance at 8 a.m.  
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