Happy Easter! - Head's Blog

Posted on: 23/03/2018

Term has just finished, we have said our ‘Happy Holiday’ greetings to the children and staff and as I am now typing this, looking out of my office window, the cherry blossoms are blooming and the blue skies are glinting through the clouds…..it is beginning to feel springlike!

This morning in the Lower School, Middle School and Upper School assemblies I thanked all the pupils and staff for all their hard work this term but I would personally like to thank you all as the parent body for your continuous support to your children’s learning and to the school as a whole.  We have had an incredibly busy term, as every school does; however, I do think that what we have achieved in such a short term is phenomenal. The quality of what has been achieved in the curriculum subjects and our co-curriculum is wonderful and I am sure that the excitement of the children on Exhibition Day was a testament to how much the children just love their school life!

Over this holiday period please do ensure that your children rest, that you have family time and that you have some time to rest too. It will be with a refreshed and energized body and soul that we will be able to return to school to continue striving for excellence for the summer term which lies ahead!

Have a wonderful Easter holiday everyone!

Mrs. Drummond