Do The Little Things In Life

Posted on: 03/03/2023

This week our Kingfishers Reception Class delighted us with their class assembly and it really moved me as our four and five year olds delivered such an important message: 

“Do the little things in life.”

The children were celebrating the life of St. David, the Patron Saint of Wales. His last words to his followers came from a sermon he gave before he died on 1st March:  'Be joyful, keep the faith, and do the little things that you have heard and seen me do.’

This is such a simple message and our young pupils at St. Helen’s College simply reminded us of our school values and how it is by doing the little things in life that we can really impact change together.

If everyone lived their daily lives upholding the values which we at St. Helen’s College try so hard to strive for, we would have such a happier world! Your children certainly have strong foundations to enable them to thrive and flourish with the values we as a school and you as families instil: helpfulness, caring, co-operation, courage, kindness, perseverance, friendliness, patience, respect, forgiveness, determination, gratitude and honesty.

The children of Kingfishers also reminded us of our responsibility as global citizens and our eco warriors revisited the simple task of reuse, reduce, recycle.

This weekend as you spend time with your families and friends I hope you will take time to reflect on your life and the little things that give you joy and a sense of well-being. Perhaps go for a walk, notice that spring is in the air and the blossoms are starting to bloom. The crocus bulbs and snowdrops are peeping through. The daffodils are here! 

Perhaps put down devices, phones, tablets and instead play a game, read a book, listen to some music….laugh, dance, be joyful!  

Let us all do the little things in life!

Happy Weekend! 

Ms Drummond