How Far Will They Go? - Head's Blog

Posted on: 08/09/2017

It is such an exciting, albeit nerve racking, thought for any parent to think about their child’s future.  What will they do when they leave school, what will they achieve, will they be happy?  It is too much really for many of us to take in, but often we cannot stop thinking about it even from the day they are born. 

This week in my first assemblies with all the children from Reception through to Year 6 I used the theme tune ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from the Disney film ‘Moana’ as my starting point.  The children sang with gusto as the majority of them had all seen the movie and knew the song well.  We then spoke about Moana’s character, about her strength and independence, and about wanting to do her best. We considered how she could be who she is even though sometimes finding things difficult and challenging.

I welcomed all the pupils to their very own island – ‘St. Helen’s College’, where they belong and where we all live as a community.  Our motto created by our very own pupils was revisited:

S  - Strive for Excellence
H – Help Others Achieve
C – Care for Each Other

The pupils know what our, your and their expectations are of them, so as we embark upon a new school year I have left the children with the question, ‘How far will you go this year?’  If they uphold all that St. Helen’s College stands for they will be proud, strong and independent young individuals who are capable of achieving great things, knowing that they have done their best in all aspects of school life.

All this would not be possible of course without your support and the high level of teaching and care from the St. Helen’s College staff. We have had two very busy training days this week on teaching and learning, all of which will impact upon the progress and experiences your children will have in school.  In future blogs you will be hearing more about some of the new and exciting approaches that will empower your children to take their learning further then you might have thought possible!
The academic year 2017 – 2018 is off to a superb start!
Mrs. Drummond