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Posted on: 05/07/2019

Celebrating success is something which I do think we can be quite modest about  here at St. Helen’s College. I often pick up educational publications and read about what is happening in other Prep Schools and think to myself - well we have been doing that for years...it’s just part of what we are known for! Perhaps the reason that we are  not ‘blowing our trumpets’ in publications is that our teachers are just so busy with the most important thing of all and that is working with your children to support them in their learning.

I would like to offer you this list below to take your pick from - what interests you?

History of Cricket



Website, songs

Showcasing My Art


Fermat's Last Theorem

Website, quiz, timeline and video

William Shakespeare

Website,model, quiz and playscript

5 mass extinctions

Website, papier mache


Website,quiz and photo album

Architecture around the World

Website, photos, Lego

The Cold War

Model, quiz and website

The History and Techniques of Basketball

Website and video

The History Of Walt Disney



Short edit and Powerpoint

Women in Science

Models, information and books

Art Tutorials (human faces and features)

Website, video

Inspirational Women

Powerpoint, quiz, books

Coral Reefs

Powerpoint and model

The History/Present day of the BAPS London Mandir

Book, video a quiz

Dreams and Phobias




The Evolution of technology

Website, model and video (stop motion), also pictures


A lot of writing and a few videos

The History of Video Games 

the history of popular video games through the past and present

History of Code

History of code, code now and I will make a game using Fuze


Website with Lego movie, quiz and model

Python Bootcamp

On-screen recording software and website

The History of Consoles

Website, video, quiz

History of Fifa





Website and art

The Universe and Discoveries Inside It

Website with video

The Life of Alexander Hamilton

Video, Powerpoint


Website and model


Papier mache model


Website containing video

Star Wars

Website and model

The History of Disney


The History of Mcdonalds


History of clothing


The History of Animation

Website, video (an animation)

PCs and how they are made


The History of Marvel


The Gulf War:1990-1991

Website, poster with pictures and quiz

Running Clothes

Website, model of human in running clothes

You may well be wondering why I have shared this list with you!  Well now I AM blowing our trumpet...this is the vast array of projects which our current Year 6 pupils have been working on this half term and how they will present them. They are topics chosen entirely by the pupils themselves because they have a passion for or interest in the subject. They will be presenting their projects to their parents and the pupils and staff next week as the culmination of their learning at St. Helen’s College, after they have delivered their Year 6 production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at the Compass Theatre.  

I cannot express how proud I am as the Head Teacher to be able to learn from our pupils about subjects I may not be familiar with. I am so enthused by the dedication and commitment of our pupils as they utilise all the skills which they have learnt over the years to present to an audience on a subject they have a genuine interest in. 

As we enter our last week of this academic year I truly am in awe of all of your children - their achievements and success in so many areas of learning are outstanding. Parents from Year 1 to 6 will receive your children’s reports next week; our EYFS parents have already received theirs.  Enjoy reading them - use them to celebrate your children’s successes but also to empower them to keep striving to be their very best - to keep developing their ‘Habits of Learning’. These ‘habits’ when truly established and secure will give them such a great platform to achieve their dreams!

Mrs. Drummond