End of Year Wishes - Head's Blog

Posted on: 12/07/2019

It is always a very poignant day when we end the academic year.  It is a time to celebrate all the wonderful achievements of the children and to give thanks to all the parents and staff who support the children each and every day.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and relaxing summer and leave you with these words:

An Ode to Our Leavers – Shall I Compare Thee?

Shall I compare thee, Year 6, to the mighty oak tree?
You have grown through resilience, respect, determination.
You have absorbed - not water - but knowledge and values;
Rooted in love and harmony, the deepest foundation.

Your growth has been unique in so very many ways,
You branch out with qualities so rich to admire,
St. Helen’s College has hosted your formative days,
Too soon cometh, alas, the hour you must retire.

Please continue to grow tall and stretch your branches to the sky –
Spreading values and virtues outwards, reaching far, reaching high.