Weekly News - Friday 27th January 2023

Posted on: 27/01/2023

4L Assembly

We were all so impressed and inspired by 4L's class assembly this morning which was themed around poetry and truth. The children told us about poets including Robert Burns, Michael Rosen and Alan Ackroyd and recited several poems with confidence, understanding and joy, speaking both individually and in groups. Their performance skills were first class and their audience could not help but be engaged and feel their empathy for the words they were speaking.

There were also individual music performances on violin, 'cello and trumpet. What a talented group of young people!

1C Assembly

On Thursday, the pupils of 1C presented an assembly all about Roald Dahl. They told us the story of this most inspiring of authors: how he joined the Royal Air Force and became a pilot, travelled to Africa, worked as a secret service spy and wrote screenplays as well as all of the novels and poems for which he is famous. The children also sang two beautiful songs to demonstrate Dahl's belief in kindness as the most important quality of all. We were also inspired by a visit from Shaylen P (3M) who performed a piano piece for the Year 1 children. 

The 1C children spoke confidently and with real meaning, listened beautifully to each other and to Shaylen, and sang with gusto. Very well done to all those involved.

Month End Music Recital

We enjoyed our first Month End Music Recital of 2023 today in the Evans Hall. As usual, it was a joyous occasion and gave many of our young musicians a chance to perform in a less formal environment to support their confidence and skills in public speaking and playing. We were very proud of them all.

Year 4 Trip to Amersham Field Centre

Our Year 4 children visited Amersham Field Centre this week to enrich their learning about electricity and energy.  Every minute of the day was used as an opportunity for learning which educated, inspired and allowed the children to have fun.  

20230125 104100The day started by meeting ‘Michael Faraday’ and learning about electricity, its uses, dangers and how the substation in the vicinity works to provide power to our homes.  The pupils took a walk around the perimeter of the substation, finding out why we can touch pylons and not get thousands of volts of electricity through us. They then continued in the classroom and made solar powered circuits.


20230125 113708

The afternoon was spent learning about the way animals conserve energy by creating well-insulated homes such as a nest for a dormouse, and how squirrels try to survive winters by hiding their food. The day concluded with a short walk looking for evidence of animal activities on the frosty grounds and wooded areas, pointing out excrements from different animals and their footprints. Every child made progress in their knowledge of a curriculum topic as well as having the chance to enjoy learning in the outdoors.

Sick Child Training

We were delighted to have many parents attend Dr. Dharsi's Sick Child Training on Monday evening in the Evans Hall and we hope that those who attended found the session useful. Many of those who attended have signed up for follow-up CPR sessions, which Dr. Dharsi will be offering on Monday 20th February and Wednesday 1st March in the Evans Hall. We hope to run similar events in the future.

Our Welfare staff are always on hand at school to support you if you have worries over your child's health or particular symptoms. You can contact Mrs. Wilcock at Upper School at nwilcock@sthelenscollege.com and Ms Oakshott at Lower School at goakshott@shelenscollege.com.

Five Minutes of Fame!

We were delighted to hear that St. Helen's College got a 'shout out' on Capital FM this week. Mrs. Jarrett explains.

Everyday on our way to school we always listen to Capital FM and shout out the answers to their Mega Hard Super Quiz and we collectively always manage to do quite well!

For months Ryley, Eva and Aarlen have been asking me to text in to apply and on Thursday I was selected to take part! We were all very nervous but we parked up the car and we were on the radio! We were even more excited because we knew Chris Stark was presenting and we had to mention our St. Helen's College connection to his mum Mrs Stark!

Luckily, we made it to question 4 out of 5 (we had no idea who won BGT last year but it will be an answer we will never forget now!). So we did well and managed to win a prize!

We knew that Ms Drummond would be particularly pleased to know that Ryley and Eva were exceptionally quick on the question about Scotland’s capital city.

We were really happy and proud of ourselves for doing so well!

Ducklings, Nursery and Reception Parents' Evenings

Thank you to all of the families who attended parents' evenings at Lower School this week. The next set of Ducklings, Nursery and Reception parents' evenings will take place on Tuesday 31st January.